Library named after G.Ormanov

Terms of use

The library has long been considered a temple of knowledge, literature on many branches of knowledge is stored here, for the entire time of its existence.

This is the first time you have entered the premises of the ZHU library. Our library is a structural unit of the university. The library has a subscription, 2 reading rooms, a hall of catalogs and card files. There are also 3 reading rooms located in the academic buildings. There are computers in all reading rooms, all of them are connected to the Internet.

Alphabetical and systematic catalogs and card files, including electronic ones, are kept to help readers.

What should you know about using library services?

There is an electronic book distribution in the library. The use of the library is free of charge. Library readers have the right to receive books, magazines, newspapers and other materials available in the library for temporary use, to use bibliographic and reference information services, to receive complete information about the composition of the library’s collections through its catalogues and card files.

Every library reader must have the skills to use catalogs, both electronic (card) and traditional. Getting to know them at the beginning of the school year, guided tours and talks for first–year students are held in the library.

The delivery of literature to the house is made on a subscription. Remember that educational literature is issued for a semester or academic year, and scientific and artistic literature for a period of one month.

In the reading rooms, you can use all types of publications without the right to take out.

You should also know that encyclopedias, reference books, current periodicals, rare and valuable books are issued only in the reading room. The last and only copy of the publication stored in the fund is also not subject to home delivery.

In the library, in the catalogues and card files room, you can study electronic textbooks on CD-ROMs and use Internet services.

What duties should you perform as readers of the ZHU library?

Of course, you are obliged to take care of the publications received in the library, return them in due time. Upon receipt of the literature, it is necessary to carefully review each edition and, if any defects are found, inform the librarian about it, who will make appropriate notes on the book. Otherwise, the responsibility for these defects is borne by the last reader who signed for the book.

Remember that a student who has caused damage to the library fund is financially liable in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In case of loss of the book, the student is obliged to replace it with exactly the same edition, and if it is impossible to replace it, reimburse it. Upon leaving the university, the reader must pay off the library in full.

The reader is not allowed the following: