The Аknurpress Digital Library is a software product with online access to a database of domestic digital textbooks and textbooks, with technical support, and a call center. It has a qualitative approach to the selection of literature for the educational process, contains more than 2000 titles of textbooks and textbooks for higher and secondary educational […]

Kazakh National Electronic Library

Access is provided to you to Kazakh National Electronic Library. The project of the Ministry of Culture and information of ‘RK Formation of Electronic State Library Stock’, is implemented within the state program of decrease in information inequality in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2007-2009. Base of implementation of the project – National academic library […]

United electronic library

Access is provided to you to United electronic library (UEL). UEL – the complex information system supplied with navigation aids and search. Provides a possibility of multidimensional processing and repeated use of information for satisfaction of information requirements. Purpose of UEL complex development of domestic electronic resources for science and education, systematic advance in the […]


You are given access to the materials posted on the Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge platform. Web of Knowledge – a multidisciplinary electronic research platform that includes multi-disciplinary and highly specialized company Thomson Reuters database. Free access to scientific electronic editions of Thomson Reuters is given every day to address: https://www.webofscience.com/


Scopus is a huge and currently the largest abstract database, including thousands of scientific publications and books. Its main task is indexing and tracking scientific journals of various subjects, as well as fixing citations from a specific source after the publication of an article in the journal Scopus. Access is provided at:https://www.scopus.com/

Republican Interuniversity electronic library

Dear readers! With access to the Republican Interuniversity electronic library (RIEL), which integrates electronic educational and scientific resources of higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. RIEL provides free access to 89 databases. The main objectives are RIEL: full satisfaction of needs of the faculty, students, undergraduates, doctoral candidates and other participants of educational […]


We present to your attention the first in the Republic of Kazakhstan electronic database “Epigraph” from a domestic publishing house, fully developed by Kazakhstanis. The Epigraph database is developing and expanding its capabilities, focusing on the needs of the domestic consumer – universities of Kazakhstan. All textbooks and manuals presented in the database are written […]


Open access to the mass media review Polpred.com data from 30.04.2010. Base polpred.com data – a media monitoring on the themes of Russian and foreign industrial policy. Archive important publications manually collected. A database with the categories: 26 branches / 600 sources / 8 federal districts of the Russian Federation / 235 countries and territories […]


Access to online the mode to scientific base Science Direct of electronic library Elsevier is provided to you. The Elsevier BV company created 400 years ago is an owner of the world’s largest electronic library which includes tens of thousands of names of the scientific magazines, monographs, books, electronic editions prepared and reviewed by authoritative […]


The electronic library system of the Lan publishing House is a resource that includes both electronic versions of books of the Lan publishing house and electronic book collections of other publishers. EBS ‘Lan’ is a simple and convenient aggregator resource for work and study. Link to the test access to the electronic library system “Lan”: […]