Library named after G.Ormanov


Open access to the mass media review data from 30.04.2010. Base data – a media monitoring on the themes of Russian and foreign industrial policy. Archive important publications manually collected. A database with the categories: 26 branches / 600 sources / 8 federal districts of the Russian Federation / 235 countries and territories / main materials / articles and interviews of the first 3000 persons. Every day, thousands of news, full text in Russian, a million of the best stories of news agencies and business press for 15 years. Search settings. Export to Word hundreds of articles in just one click. Personal collection of countries and sectors. Internet services. Students and teachers of economic faculties with interest perceive examples (case studies) of law enforcement in the European Union and China, customs and car industry. In an information boutique each document passes a sieve triple selection key business news (that will be interesting to read a year later). On-line in Russian language database is updated daily and contains the full texts of 320 thousand. The best articles from hundreds of news and media from around the world for 14 years. Free access to the database is provided daily at the following address:

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