Library named after G.Ormanov


We present to your attention the first in the Republic of Kazakhstan electronic database “Epigraph” from a domestic publishing house, fully developed by Kazakhstanis. The Epigraph database is developing and expanding its capabilities, focusing on the needs of the domestic consumer – universities of Kazakhstan. All textbooks and manuals presented in the database are written by the best authors from all over the Republic of Kazakhstan and published by the leading domestic publishing house – “EVERO”. The publishing house has been operating for 21 years in the market of Kazakhstan. His work is highly appreciated by experts and confirmed by awards – “European Quality”, “Order of Queen Victoria”, “Honorary Citizen of Kazakhstan”, as well as “Industry Leader” in 2014, 2015, 2016. The product is designed to make digital educational material available. Imagine that all the necessary training materials are always at hand. The fragment of the textbook you need can be found in a minute, and students have access to knowledge through an electronic textbook 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. Unlike competitors, Epigraph provides a full-text search. You can set search terms by word, phrase, and even sentence. The search engine is capable of analyzing several hundred thousand pages of text in a split second and producing a ready result. This development is unique and one of a kind in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is possible to run the search system, both in the database as a whole, and in a particular textbook. It is important to note that 100% of the literature in the database are textbooks and manuals, not magazines, articles or manuals. Textbooks are presented in three languages–Kazakh, Russian and English. All textbooks are made in Kazakhstan, they are created in full compliance with the state programs and standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan and are accredited by state institutions. Textbooks are equipped with high-quality illustrations, processed by the best designers, editors. Link to the website of electronic textbooks “Epigraph”:

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